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FIFA training compensation

You are a football club and one of your former player signed a professional contract abroad?


A training compensation may be due from the club where the player has signed.


The FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players provide that training compensation is payable to the former club(s) that trained the player, on the one hand, when a player is registered as a professional for the first time and, on the other hand, for each transfer of a professional player until the end of the season in which the player turns 23.


Are the rules on training compensation in the FIFA regulations applicable to women’s football?


No. FIFA regulations state that the principle of training compensation is not currently applicable to women’s football.


Is the amount of the training compensation fixed?


No. The costs vary according to several criteria. Clubs are classified in several categories (maximum 4). They are established on the basis of the confederations for each category.


The age of the player during which he was registered with the training club is one of the other criteria to be taken into account when calculating the amount due by the club liable for the training compensation.


Are the rules on training compensation the same if the player is trained in Europe and then registered as a professional with a national association in the EU?


No. The applicable FIFA rules on training compensation differ depending on whether the player is trained and then transferred to a European club or to a non-EU club.


The FIFA regulations on training compensation are detailed and the case law of FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport is abundant on the subject.


It is also important to distinguish between training compensation under FIFA regulations and training compensation under the Professional Football Charter.


Many indemnities due to football clubs are never claimed by the training clubs, due to a lack of knowledge or time for the clubs to proceed with the recovery of these indemnities, the amounts of which are nevertheless significant (example: EUR 90,000 for an entire season – category I club – UEFA)


Thanks to her experience within the FIFA Player Status’ Department, Audrey BRUIN advises and assists football clubs to quickly recover the training compensation and solidarity contributions due to them.


The amicable settlement of cases relating to the payment of these allowances is favoured on a preliminary basis. Proceedings before FIFA can then be initiated if amicable recovery is unsuccessful.


The FIFA procedure is efficient and allows for a rapid recovery of the compensation due.


On the other hand, it is subject to formal and substantive conditions that should not be neglected, at the risk of seeing the request rejected.


You can contact Maître BRUIN to assist you in recovering training compensation and solidarity contribution.

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