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Audrey BRUIN’s firm assists athletes before the AFLD

Audrey BRUIN recently intervened before the AFLD in two proceedings between professional athletes and the AFLD following doping controls.

The firm assisted the athletes throughout the proceedings initiated by the AFLD, and also assisted them during the hearings held before the AFLD Sanction Commission.

Audrey BRUIN regularly assists athletes with doping cases.

Numerous products, including medicines and dietary supplements, can be considered as doping products and are prohibited by law.

When it comes to doping, the athlete’s responsibility is said to be objective. This means that each athlete is responsible for what is in his or her body, and therefore for what can be detected during a doping control.

Federations, clubs, doctors and especially sports doctors are legally bound to participate in the prevention and fight against doping.

Amateur and professional sportsmen and women are advised to seek the advice of sports doctors before taking any medication or dietary supplements…

Our sports law attorneys can also assist you in your sporting activities, alerting you to prohibited practices and substances.

For further information, please contact the firm.

List of prohibited substances and methods:

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